A Dream Resurrected

Genesis 50:20
You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.

Romans 8:28
And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

My husband, Dustin, and I went through the emotional ringer to find our first home. I’ll spare you the details, but essentially we ‘mentally moved’ into three separate homes, only to have each one fall through our fingertips due to something outside of our control. Homeless and emotionally spent, we decided to take a break and settle in on the floor of our friends’ one-bedroom loft apartment. Two months into our stay, we heard about a brand new neighborhood opening up in a (generously put) “up-and-coming” area of town–aka, it was still cheap. Relief was in sight! Our amazing realtor helped us snag up one of the new builds.


At the time, Dustin was touring with a band. The week we moved in, he had to leave for tour so I was left to start unpacking by myself. It didn't necessarily bother me; I was just relieved to finally be home and start making this little plot of the world our own. We moved in on a Tuesday and it was that Friday, just a handful of days later, that I remember so clearly.


I had finished work for the day and was just pulling into our driveway when I quickly noticed our front door was wide open. My adrenaline was pumping so hard I didn’t really take the time to think about whether I should even enter the house or not, but I did. It didn’t take long to discover our TV was missing, as was our brand new DSLR camera. Someone had literally pushed our back window up, crawled inside, took what they wanted and left without even bothering to close the door behind them. I was devastated to say the least. We had been robbed. Robbed!? What!? We just moved in, this wasn’t supposed to happen… especially after riding the emotional roller coaster for months.


This was our time to celebrate, not cringe in fear.

This was our time to celebrate, not cringe in fear. You see–and this took me a few sessions of counseling to realize–that person had not only robbed us of physical things, but also stole the innocent lens in which I saw the world–saw my home. I hadn't planned on having to work incredibly hard in the months following our first home purchase to re-learn that our home was a place of safety. Furthermore, and really the main point of why I tell this story, this thief had robbed Dustin of getting to further pursue work in the film industry since they took a pretty instrumental piece of the puzzle–our camera. So, like any practical thinking person would do, we settled into the idea that maybe that dream pursuit of ours would have to die, or at least take a long-term position on the back burner. We had just bought a house, it's not like we had much leftover for a new camera.


But God, as He often does, saw an opportunity in the disappointment.

But God, as He often does, saw an opportunity in the disappointment. It was just about eight months later that Dustin received a phone call from a friend of a friend who wanted to use the same videographer that he knew our friend had used for their wedding. That videographer was Dustin. He quickly agreed and rented all the necessary gear. The wedding shoot went great and, even though I was five months pregnant at the time, I assisted him. We were encouraged, but honestly couldn’t see past this isolated gig.


Another few months passed and Dustin received another phone call from that same friend of a friend. He had a client that needed some music videos shot. He had also remembered that Dustin had rented all the camera gear for the wedding shoot, so he proposed a trade that would benefit both his budget and our lack; Dustin would give his camera gear wish list to be purchased in entirety in exchange for a designated amount of film projects. Sweet glory! We were pretty pumped to say the least. I can still remember Dustin scouring the Internet to find all the individual things he needed/wanted: camera body, lenses, tripods, dollies, etc. It was a very exciting trade.


...what was even more encouraging was to discover the foundation that God had been laying all along.


As encouraging as the trade was, what was even more encouraging was to discover the foundation that God had been laying all along. God had an unbreakable plan for us that no man could steal. He was building up a profession, a sphere of influence, but more importantly, He was building our faith. He was teaching us that He is committed to see His work completed; He is committed to His children. Had you asked me three-and-a-half-years ago if I ever thought I could look at the disappointing experience of a robbery as a blessing–a door to opportunity that was custom fit to the situation–I would have laughed, and then most likely, bawled. But God has a funny way of taking the ugliest acts and turning them into a beautiful bloom–the budding of a dream that once had been laid to rest.


While the things God plans to do through our work in film and music is only really just beginning, we recently celebrated the milestone of officially turning Plaid Owl Creative into a real family business. It truly was brought up from the ashes and we can ONLY give Him the credit for making beauty from the ugly parts of our story.


>>>> How has God resurrected something negative in your life and turned it into something of unimaginable beautiful? God really does work for the good of those who love Him. What part of your story do you need to look at through the lens o that truth? Ask Him for renewed hope and take the time to meditate on the verses above.


Nashville, TN

Mary Kate is farm girl from Pennsylvania who found herself living in Australia and Colorado before settling down in Nashville with her husband, Dustin. In addition to parenting a spirited toddler, they run Plaid Owl Creative. mK is a family girl at heart - she loves to adventure with her family and invest in the lives of families of Creatives. When she's not traveling or hosting, you can find mK curled up in front of a movie with chocolate & popcorn!