Happy Playlist

How often are you utterly frustrated or upset, and use music to ‘enhance’ that feeling? Does it feel good in the moment to listen to screamo rock songs when you’re angry, or melancholy acoustic when you’re sad, or a spiteful R&B song when you’ve been slighted? It probably does – at least, that’s how I’ve felt. But what does that really leave you feeling like afterwards, when the song or playlist is over? What good does it do for you?

Well, in those moments, I give you this challenge: whip out your phone or iPod and play the exact opposite of what you’re feeling.

I’m not saying to start blasting a 'happy playlist' when you’re in the middle of a fight with your boyfriend, or right when you’re in the office with your boss as she is saying your position is being ‘let go,’ or right when your car breaks down. Experiencing the emotions that come with those types of situations are natural and healthy. BUT, in the aftermath, in that time when the temptation to stay in that mood is at its strongest, that’s when I urge you to not let these situations define your mood. Situations and people don’t define your mood – you do.


Let’s be a group of women who CHOOSE to be joyful over all else!!!


It helped me to get a fresh perspective.

I’ve had a string of trying days myself, and it was extremely painful to even turn on music in some instances. But when I finally got over myself and just did it, it was great. No, it didn’t change the reality of the situation at hand – that still sucked. BUT, it helped my mood. It helped me to get a fresh perspective. And it honestly gave way for a little friend called hope to come back into the room.


So, in the spirit of sharing what's dearest to me, the following is my “Make Miriam Happy” playlist (that is literally the title, I have screenshots of my Spotify account to prove it to you). I know the list isn’t long, but this is my core group, my tried-and-true, my faithful ladies. Any one of these can raise me from a Negative Nancy to at least a Somber Sally, if not to a Cheerful Chelsea (with maybe even a cameo by Dancing Darlene).

  • Winterbreak-Tiësto’s Deep House Remix by MUNA, Tiësto
  • We Found Love by Calvin Harris, Rihanna
  • I Really Like You by Carly Rae Jepson
  • Can’t Stop the Feeling by Justin Timberlake
  • A Sky Full of Stars by Coldplay
  • Floodgates by Colbie Caillat
  • Try Everything by Shakira
  • Dancing on My Own by Robyn


If you don’t have your own, feel free to try out one or two of mine. If you do have your own, please share what’s on your ‘Get Happy’ playlist, because I’m always up for suggestions. Oh, and feel free to send video evidence if your inner Darlene is set loose in the process! ;)


I declare that no situation, person or setback is too great for God to make things new & wonderful. I declare we are women of freedom, who are powerful and trailblazing. I declare breakthrough in cycles of negativity, shame, and fear. And finally, I declare we are women of hope and everlasting joy!

Arvada, CO

Miriam grew up in New York and has always had a passion for written word. She works both as an analyst in the financial industry & as a personal consultant for startups. She loves to travel, explore nature, and also has a knack for hot sauce and popcorn (sometimes together)! Miriam and her handsome husband, Graham, currently live at an altitude of 5,280 ft on the outskirts of Denver.