New Operating System

One of my goals for 2017 is to get a new internal operating system. As an iPhone owner, I’ll liken it to an iOS. You know, your phone starts running slow and glitch. Eventually there’s a breakdown in communications, which ultimately leaves your phone susceptible to viruses and hacks. You get the pop-up memos that a new update is available and so you agree to either ‘Install Tonight’ or ‘Remind Me Later’ – totally up to you. In my case, I’ll usually agree to installing the update, only to wake up the next morning with an error message that the update couldn’t be done during the night because the phone wasn’t connected to a power source! That will go on for a week (or two, or three) until I finally grow sick of doing the same thing (with no change, which I think is the definition of insanity), until with intentionality, I plug in my phone to power one night and finally get the update!


One time, I had put off the update for months until I started getting text messages with this creepy alien head emoji that was so off-putting that I was actually starting to get confused by the messages. I was starting to take offense and question the messenger’s tone and meaning behind the message with the unseemly image. After weeks of confusion, I finally I asked one friend why she put the alien emoji and she said that she didn’t, she had used some sort of smiley face! What!?!? After doing a software update, sure enough, the alien heads went away. How crazy, I was starting to see things that weren’t intended and I had begun to make inferences based on false messages!

I think that’s how it is in the spiritual too! Jesus, in His desire for us to fully live in the freedom He has for us, invites us to upgrade our operating system – handing over our previous way of seeing, thinking, and responding for upgrades!


It’s not about the physical. Sure, it’s easier to focus on the body and what’s seen, but that isn’t what needs the upgrade. Yes, a new phone will fix the problems for a bit, but eventually you’ll still need to do a software update because it’s actually what’s running the phone (on the inside) that needs refreshed. It’s not about new and flashy, it’s about growth and maturity. Jesus is refreshing our mind and spirit, aligning them to operate at full capacity and in complete freedom under the authority of a Good Father!


It’s not about new and flashy, it’s about growth and maturity.

I’m sure there are others that share in my frustration with their current operating system. I’m sick of judgment being the lens through which I see people. I’m over the shame that tells me I should hide, play small, or be embarrassed for who I am and what God has done in my life. I’m literally nauseated by fear at times, paralyzed by fearing what others might think of me (yes I do yoga, drink a couple of glasses of wine a week, and occasionally use a four-letter word to reinforce a point). And I’m so over the quickness to anger that leaps out my mouth as arrows with my husband or kids when I get stressed or am unable to control a situation. I’m not self-loathing. Yes, I really do love myself, I just know there’s more…more freedom, more love, more hope, more peace, more self-control, more kindness, more gentleness, more patience, more joy, and more life to be had. I want all of it!!!


So how do we get the more? The iOS update pop-up message has the emboldened ‘Software Update’ header and we’re so ‘button happy’ that the natural tendency is to skip over the finer print that says, “iOS can update automatically between 9:00PM and 1:00AM while connected to power.” While connected to power! Yep! There it is, our new operating systems are downloaded and upgraded when we intentionally plug ourselves into the source - the Source of Life, the Power, the Creator, the Great I Am…Love! When we spend with Him–talking to Him, listening to His voice,  being with Him–the upgrades automatically happen. The layers of defensiveness and judgment fall, fear dissipates, peace floods, and the lens through which we filter what we see is transformed!

The layers of defensiveness and judgment fall, fear dissipates, peace floods, and the lens through which we filter what we see is transformed!

Unlike an instantaneous iOS update, our new operating system comes as a lifelong journey with daily choices. We must be kind with ourselves while we’re in process. We celebrate the times we respond out of love instead of fear and we have grace for the times we mess up. We humbly clean up our mess quickly, asking for forgiveness and moving on. Eventually, over time, we’ll look back in gratitude for the renewal of our hearts and minds, thankful for our stories but so grateful that who we are isn’t who we were. So let's be women that continue to press in and press on, we’re holy and beloved Daughters of the King and the King Himself has SO much more for us if we’re willing to connect to His Power! Let's connect and allow ourselves to get upgraded internal operating systems this year! Here's to breakthrough and the renewing of our minds and spirits...Cheers! 

Redding, CA

Morgan is a storyteller at heart. After running an NGO in Uganda for 7 years, she and her husband, Dave, currently record a weekly podcast called Chasing Unicorns, produce and host The FIND series, run the CB Ideas design agency, and mange Yes& Collective. Morgan also co-authored the newly released children’s book, The Girl Chronicles: A Story of Good. She’s a mom to two middle schoolers, Asher & Jadyn, and so when she’s not driving them around, she fills herself up with yoga, reading, air-popped popcorn, and all things coconut flavored. IG: @MorganHansow & @HansowFamily